Acrylic Large Single Fish Tank

Acrylic Large Single Fish Tank

With a passion for aquatic life and love for aquarium design and architecture, the creative team at Lanhu Aquarium have designed the most captivating aquatic concepts.

Based on the client's visual philosophy and the architectural and interior style of the property, our custom installations create the wow factor in any setting. We provide the following unique service that combines expertise in custom aquarium design with architecture that can enhance any space.

Large Acrylic Aquariums Design and Engineering

Lanhu Aquariums designs, manufactures and installs public aquariums globally. Our skilled and experienced team can provide expert advice on how to expand or refurbish your current aquarium or build the aquarium of your dreams.

The Lanhu Aquariums design team is passionate about their work and making sure your aquarium fits your vision. They are not just designers -- Lanhu is a full-serviced design, installation and maintenance company. Our factory has owned advanced equipment: the production machines are introduced from Taiwan while the raw material (MMA) is imported from Mitsubishi (Lucite). Together with excellent production management and strict quality control, Lanhu can always provide exceptional solutions and service.


Feasibility study

Rendering pictures design

Acrylic aquarium development and aquascaping design

Acrylic material and LSS equipment BOQ calculation


Main Procedures in Aquarium Engineering:

Acrylic panels manufacturing

Pipeline embedding

Water-proof treatment

Acrylic panels installation

Life support system installation

Aquarium landscaping

Water leaking test

Testing and Commissoning



1. We can satisfy any requirement for customers

2. It is clear with high diaphaneity and translucency

3. It is easy to maintain clean with soap and soft cloth

4. Good insulation for all electrical equipment

5. It can bear large water pressure

6. Non-toxic to human

7. Light weight, only half weighted compared to the ordinary glass

8. Strong plasticity it can be easily shaped and processed


Applications of Aquariums:





Large-scale sales

Shopping malls

Private villas


Customer Cases of Aquariums and Zoos:

 acrylic big cylindrical aquarium

Project: Acrylic Aquarium in Changsha, China

acrylic portable rectangle aquarium

Project: Portable Acrylic Exhibition Aquarium in Chengdu, China

acrylic shopping mall aquarium

Project: Acrylic Shopping Mall Aquarium in Zhengzhou, China

 acrylic restaurant aquarium

Project: Acrylic Aquarium in restaurant Shanghai, China

acrylic custom villa aquarium

Project: Acrylic Private Villa Aquarium in Qingdao, China

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