Acrylic Swimming Pool

Lanhu acrylic pool panels add beauty and elegance to any setting and also come with numerous other benefits including: they are highly resistant to impact; they are durable and long-lasting much more than glass and they allow natural light into the pool.

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Acrylic swimming pool design

Lanhu Aquarium designs a variety of acrylic swimming pool windows and walls that offer spectacular views. Whether you are looking to create a statement piece for your indoor or outdoor pool or search a training aid, our acrylic transparencies offer unparalleled performance and versatility. 

Panel types: 

Acrylic panels for swimming pools can be divided most simply into two categories, three side and four side support. Three-side support generally includes rectangular three-side, L-shaped three side, convex/concave three-side and U-shape three-side. 

Edge design:

Incorporating stylish pool wall edges allows for a finished look as well as additional safety. Pools that incorporate three-side support windows typically gravitate towards radius edge or bullnose edges while a chamfered edge is the industry standard for four-side support panels. We can also create a custom edge design for you. 

Acrylic swimming pool manufacturer

Lanhu Aquarium fabricates and installs a few acrylic swimming pool panels at home and abroad. We employ advanced manufacturing techniques to chemically bond and thermoform acrylic, allowing us to create multi-sided viewing panels of nearly any conceivable dimensions. The process of acrylic panels fabrication is production, dimensional rendering, thermoforming, annealing, bonding and polishing.