Acrylic Projects

Acrylic Projects

Acrylic has become an increasingly popular material for a variety of projects. Besides acrylic aquariums and acrylic swimming pool, Lanhu Aquarium team can do various of acrylic projects such as acrylic bridge, acrylic dome, acrylic drifting river, acrylic water wall, etc.

Acrylic Project Design and Engineering

Lanhu Aquariums is a turnkey service provider for your acrylic project, from design to manufacturing, installation and operation. Our factory has owned advanced equipment: the production machines are introduced from Taiwan while the raw material (MMA) is imported from Mitsubishi (Lucite). Together with excellent production management and strict quality control, Lanhu can always provide exceptional solutions and service.


1. We can satisfy any requirement for customers

2. It is clear with high diaphaneity and translucency

3. It is easy to maintain clean with soap and soft cloth

4. Good insulation for all electrical equipment

5. It can bear large water pressure

6. Non-toxic to human

7. Light weight, only half weighted compared to the ordinary glass

8. Strong plasticity it can be easily shaped and processed

Acrylic Specifications:

PMMA Material: 100% virgin Lucite imported

Thickness: 20mm-1000mm

Color: Transparent


Transparency: 93%

Shape: customized shape

Packing: PE film masking on both sides, multi-layer KT board and iron structure packing

Applications of Aquariums:




Exhibition halls

Amusement parks

Research institute

Customer Cases of Acrylic Projects:

acrylic bridge

Project: Acrylic Bridge in Liyang, China

acrylic drift river

Project: Acrylic Drifting River in Quanzhou, China

acrylic dome

Project: Acrylic Dome in Hainan, China

acrylic view tunnel

acrylic tunnel

Project: Acrylic Underwater Viewing Gallery in Chongqing, China

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