Fujian Zijin Marine World Large Aquarium

clear acrylic window panel

Located in Longyan city, the shape of the ocean world aquarium is rectangular, with a total length of 53 meters, a width of 5.7 meters, and a water level of 4.2 meters.

acrylic aquarium window

Shanghai Lanhu Aquarium supplied acrylic plexiglass for this project, as well as LSS system, landscaping, and lighting. After planning, design and construction, through systematic landscaping techniques and plexiglass materials, the building "grows" like the natural ecological environment, forming a miniature underwater world.

aquarium landscaping

With rich display techniques and vivid landscape design, visitors can have intimate conversations with more than 500 species of marine life, nearly ten thousand marine and freshwater aquarium fish through the glass. It recreating the beauty and mystery of the seabed.

acrylic aquarium curve