Tianjin Fudi Ocean Park Aquarium

acrylic aquarium window

The Fudi ocean park developed with the theme of marine culture and marine animals and plants gathering many landscapes such as aquariums, beluga pavilions, shark pavilions, coral reef fish pavilions, underwater sightseeing tunnels, etc., to create a mysterious and peculiar marine world. On the basis of marine elements, it has built a domestic first-class indoor cute pet paradise, which integrates amusement and leisure, parent-child interaction, popular science education, and cute pet performances, allowing visitors to observe various cute animals at close range.

acrylic tunnel aquarium

Shanghai Lanhu Aquarium takes the continuation of the marine ecology as the starting point and caters to the original intention of the project itself. From the selection and transportation of the tank, to the polishing and installation of the acrylics and LSS of nearly a thousand marine fishes, we use ingenious engineering to recreate the ocean, bringing you closer to this blue visual feast.

acrylic window panel

acrylic ball aquarium