Introduction to the acrylic swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pools were rare in the past. As Southeast Asian, European, and American countries began using acrylic as an infinity pool sideboard and transparent pool floor, the acrylic swimming pool market has gradually attracted attention. The acrylic swimming pool is made of a thick acrylic plate because of its excellent weather resistance, good surface hardness and lustre, and processing plasticity to meet a variety of required shape conditions. Widely used in the construction of infinity pools and transparent pools in leisure resorts, private villas and high-end clubs.

Acrylic swimming pool material

Acrylic has good processing performance and can be machined and thermoformable. The acrylic plates are also seamlessly spliced on-site by injecting specially formulated stock solutions. The tempered glass cannot be reprocessed, cut and spliced. Therefore, it cannot meet the requirements of a larger size transparent whole board, and acrylic can be realized.

Acrylic swimming pool production material acrylic has high light transmittance, and light transmittance is as high as 93% and above. Acrylic light transmission is soft, and the visual effect is more gorgeous. The impact resistance of acrylic is more than 100 times that of ordinary glass and 16 times that of tempered glass. The maximum thickness of common tempered glass does not exceed 20mm, while the thickness of acrylic can be more than 600mm, and acrylic can withstand heavier and greater impact, while tempered glass cannot do it.

Acrylic swimming pool design

Acrylic swimming pool design needs designers to give a reasonable plan according to the actual situation of the site combined with customer needs and budget, and acrylic swimming design should be considered from many aspects: safety is the first principle, followed by aesthetics, acrylic pool installation and construction difficulty, pool water treatment, customer experience, etc. According to the actual situation of different sites, the optimal installation process is selected to ensure the optimization of the effect.

In terms of acrylic pool water treatment, the water cycle of the swimming pool has national standards, and every small detail meets the standard parameters of the design and construction of the national villa swimming pool, which is also related to the safety inspection and maintenance costs in the future operation of the swimming pool.

Regardless of the choice of materials or the recycling of water, in terms of safety, health and environmental protection, the materials used in the installation process of Ruidigle meet national safety standards.

The design process of an acrylic swimming pool is not a simple summary in a few sentences, and it is necessary to understand the site situation in detail: site size, traffic environment, weather temperature, construction difficulty and many other elements can be comprehensively considered to give a detailed design plan.

Acrylic Aquarium Turnkey Service Provider

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