What to plan for an aquarium projects?

In the process of the aquarium project's design, construction, and operation, the first thing that needs to be done is the construction of the entire museum body. Only when the entire museum is built can the follow-up publicity and operation be carried out to achieve the purpose of profit. Before the construction of the aquarium project, a good design means that one-third of the entire project construction has been completed.

Aquariums Projects

The following is the planning that needs to be done before the construction of the aquarium

1. When designing the entire pavilion, it is necessary to design the structure of each aquarium, the placement of relevant positions, and the location of water intake points according to the overall layout of the entire pavilion and try to improve it as much as possible to reduce possible designs. the number of defect issues;

2. Do a good job of the distribution ratio of the surface and bottom of the water in each pavilion, and strictly follow the controlled ratio when injecting to provide a better environment for the survival of marine organisms.

3. Do a good job controlling the water flow inside the museum. During the aquarium construction, it is necessary to strictly follow the purpose of providing a good living environment for the survival of marine organisms, pay attention to the control of its internal water flow, and try to control the entire water quality and water environment.

4. When designing and building an aquarium, pay attention to controlling the ratio of mechanical and biological filtration. At the same time, do a good job of regulating the placement and related packaging to stabilize better the water quality of the aquarium and the survival rate of internally accumulated organisms.

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