Preparation of Acrylic large single fish tank before use

Acrylic large single fish tank are used more in some public places or aquariums, and their light transmittance is much better than that of general glass fish tanks, and the appearance looks more high-end and high-grade, and there are more applications. It should be noted that before using the new fish tank, you need to do relevant disinfection and maintenance work so that after the animals to be raised are put in, they can provide a better living environment.

Preparation of large acrylic fish tank before use

Do a good job of overall disinfection of the fish tank.

When using acrylic large single fish tank for fish farming, in addition to disinfecting the fish tank itself, it is also necessary to do a comprehensive disinfection of the filtration equipment and hanging film inside the fish tank. If any part of the disinfection process is missed, it may improve the overall water quality and affect the final breeding effect.

Choose the right disinfection product.

In disinfecting fish tanks, ammonia and potassium permanganate are the most common disinfection products with a high frequency of application. The active oxygen released by the two disinfectants can more directly and comprehensively eliminate the microflora and bacteria and effectively purify and disinfect the entire fish tank.

Do a good job of disinfection in other aspects.

Before using the new large acrylic fish tank to feed the fish, it is also necessary to disinfect and sterilize the aquatic plants or other decorations placed in the interior and put them in after the treatment is completed. If the relevant inspection is not done, it is easy to cause a situation of dead fish.

No matter what type of fish tank you use for feeding fish, you need to deal with the above aspects before use to provide a more favorable environment for the survival of subsequent fish stocks.

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